Classroom or remotely 
(Skype or phonr).

Specific projects or collaborations.

Single sessions or series.

English, Italian, Catalan or Spanish.

Price scale 
based on income.

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service options.

1. For families or individuals

Design of materials and spaces to create a home environment that encourages natural creativity. It includes review of rhythms, materials, empathic communication, establishing healthy bonds, limits and rules.

Selection of basic information for families with children between 0 and 7, related to parenting and education, in order to help them find their own way and / or refer them to other professionals.

Organization of birthday parties for children under 10 years with simple art, household, recycled and / or natural materials that encourage free play and experimentation.

Counseling for families with children providing information and resources to live in the cities of New York and Barcelona. Support during the change process.

Bach Flower or Reiki Consultation for children or adults. They can be performed individually or accompanied by exercises of artistic experimentation.

2. For collectives

Activities focused on play, sensory and artistic experimentation. Open format: children, children with families, or adults only (you can organize groups of pregnant women or men only, etc.)

Redesign of educational spaces with the aim of improving the natural creativity, concentration, organization and use of resources in a sustainable way.

Design of children's corners in public or private places (cafes, restaurants, companies, associations, etc.) in order to reconcile the needs of adults with children.

Organization and support for groups of families, in order to share knowledge, and support emotionally and logistically.

Cultural promotion: design of activities and workshops to relate intergenerational projects and entities with the community in which they find themselves.

Conferences on art history and museum visits for groups. Adults and children.